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Team Criteria and Rules for Area 7 Competitions

1)    You need to be a paid-up member of Shillington Riding Club to enter any team events. Go to the membership page to join.

2)    Flu certificates will be checked in accordance with BRC rules. Failure to produce a valid flu vaccination certificate will incur elimination. (Competitors maybe allowed to compete HC at the discretion of the organiser.)

3)    Passports must be submitted to the club representative for checking of flu vaccinations

4)   All events will be run under current British Riding Club rules.

5)    If you are thinking of entering competitions on behalf of Shillington Riding Club in the next 2 years we require for BRC Stoneleigh a copy of your horse's flu certificates and photocopy of the horse's passport. 

6)   Declarations forms to be handed in 30 minutes before the start of the competition.

7)    No changes to teams will be accepted once declaration forms have been handed in.

8)    Horses and ponies must be 4 years of age or older.

9)    No horse or pony may compete in more than one team section.

10) The Organisers and Land Owners will not hold themselves responsible for any incident or injury to riders, owners, and spectators or any other person or property whatsoever, however, caused.  It shall be deemed a condition of entry that each entrant shall agree to indemnify the promoters against any legal action arising from such incident.

11) Competitors must wear the correct dress and hard hats complying with the BRC rules at all times when riding. Tack will be checked in accordance with BRC rules and riders will not compete if not complying.

12)  The decisions of the judges and/or Organisers are final.

13)  Dogs to be kept on leads at all times.

14)  Any objection must be made in writing within 30 minutes of closing the class to the Show Secretary accompanied by a deposit of £10 which may be refunded.

15)  The judge reserves the right to disqualify competitors for unsportsmanlike  conduct or abuse of the horse/pony.

16)  Making a preliminary entry to an official BRC competition constitutes a binding obligation to pay the Area competition organiser an additional entry fee irrespective of whether the club and/or individual competes or not. Failure to pay this additional fee could result in the club and/or individual being banned from competitions in future years at the discretion of the BRC Committee.

For up to date rules and regs please follow this link

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